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Our curriculum and instruction stems from the belief that the needs of childhood must be honored and celebrated. Therefore, we provide a balance of progressive and traditional values. We are indeed a student-centered school. At The First Academy of Ajman, we understand that globalization and the 'digital age' have redefined the skills essential for student success. These new skills are known as 21st Century Skills. 21st Century Skills include learning and innovation skills, information, media and technology skills as well as life and career skills.

Learning Environment

Within this context, we provide our students with a nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment which fosters Islamic character building, a thorough academic foundation, acquisition of English and Arabic communication skills in conjunction with beginning STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills.


Our curriculum is based upon American Common Core State Standards, National Science Education Standards, National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, National Association for Sport and Physical Education Standards and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education guidelines for Arabic, Social Studies and Islamic Studies. These standards and guidelines describe what students should know and be able to do in each subject area.

Our dedicated and talented teachers use strategies, activities and materials designed to meet the holistic needs of English Language Learners (ELLs). Our approach to K-8 STEM introduces young students to relevant and fulfilling STEM content in an integrated fashion through exploration of the built world around them. 

Teaching and Learning

E-learning, textbooks and accompanying materials, digital lessons, virtual labs, additional forms of technology, hands-on labs, STEM activities, language labs, competitions, student productions, learning centers and experiential resources are used to help teachers deliver The First Academy American Curriculum.

Assessment and Reporting

Multiple forms of assessment are used at our school because we know that students learn and test differently. We use both formal and informal assessments such as: benchmark tests, diagnostics, ELA writing tests, comprehensive end of term tests, quizzes, projects and verbal assessments. These results are made available to parents in a timely manner in several ways.

Doing this gives us accurate and comprehensive information on each child's optimal learning path. We will also use American MAP test, or the Measure of Academic Progress produced by Northwest Evaluation Association. This test is designed as a pre- and post-test to determine what students know at the beginning of the year and what they have learned upon completing the school year. Data collected from assessments helps drive and inform instruction.

The First Academy School faculty and staff are focused on preparing UAE youth to confidently and competently meet the challenges of the 21st Century with pride and dignity; and to embody UAE traditional values. This commitment to our students and their families is a hallmark of The First Academy School.


The First Academy Principal

Mrs. Angelia M. Fain



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