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The Vice Principal's Message

Mr. Sobhi

Our school aims at creating a safe, caring and vibrant learning environment that promotes high expectations for success through appropriate instruction that caters for individual differences and diverse learning styles and emphasizes the emotional, social, physical and cognitive development of each child.


We in our school strive to uphold the UAE national identity and culture by integrating them in the school curricular and extra-curricular activities; besides being sensitive to cultural diversity.

Our school also strives to have all stakeholders especially parents actively involved in students’ learning and character developmentjourney. We work hard to create a positive holistic atmosphere by celebrating cultural diversity and promoting the school spirit that values accomplishment, integrity and respect.

My commitment to our school is to implement student centered approach and consider the learner the heart and the main purpose of our school. In order to enhance high standards of teaching to facilitate outstanding learning, the school will create a continuous professional development program that is led by heads of the department to drive the raising of the standards of teaching in the classroom.

My educational journey in global and local educational organizations of over thirty years, enable me to support each student works toward reaching his/her full potential.

Our school firmly believes that the senior leadership team is expected to lead the curriculum, and teaching and learning by regularly observe teaching and learning to identify strengths and areas for development for individuals, departments and whole school. 


Our curriculum offers precise differentiation for individual learning needs and ensures that it enables students from acquiring the 21st century skills. Our school recognizes the importance of employing modern technologies in the teaching-learning process for the sake of optimizing student engagement, attainment and progress. Therefore our school started integrating smart technology and providing classrooms with all the digital resources. We start integrating tablets gradually to ensure their effectiveness in teaching and learning.

Finally; teaching is the profession of the prophets and it needs patience, dedication and ongoing transformation and professional development to enhance our effectiveness and increase students’ attainment.

“If we do not change, we do not grow and if we do not grow, we are not living.”


Dr. Subhi Yousef 


MA Curriculum & Instruction

Ph.D.  Language, Literacy Education& Smart Technology

Weekly Plan

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        KG 1
        KG 2
        Grade 1A
        Grade 1B
        Grade 1C  
        Grade 1D  
        Grade 1E  
        Grade 1F  
        Grade 1G  
        Grade 2A    
        Grade 2B  
        Grade 2C  
        Grade 2D  
        Grade 2E  
        Grade 2F  
        Grade 2G  
        Grade 2H  
        Grade 3 - A    
        Grade 3 - B  
        Grade 3 - C    
        Grade 3 - D    
        Grade 3 - E    
        Grade 3 - F    
        Grade 3 - G  
        Grade 4 - A    
        Grade 4 - B    
        Grade 4 - C    
        Grade 4 - D    
        Grade 4 - E    
        Grade 4 - F  
        Grade 5 - A

        Grade 5 - B


        Grade 5 - C

        Grade 5 - D  
        Grade 5 - E

        Grade 5 - F  
        Grade 6 - A

        Grade 6 - B  
        Grade 6 - C    
        Grade 6 - D  
        Grade 6 - E
        Grade 7 - A    
        Grade 7 - B    
        Grade 7 - C    
        Grade 7 - D  
        Grade 7 - E  
        Grade 8 - A    
        Grade 8 - B    
        Grade 8 - C    
        Grade 8 - D  
        Grade 9 - A    
        Grade 9 - B     
        Grade 9 - C     
        Grade 9 - D  
        Grade 9 - E  
        Grade 10 AB  
        Grade 10 AS  
        Grade 10 BB  
        Grade 10 BS  
        Grade 10 CB  
        Grade 10 CS  
        Grade 11 AB  
        Grade 11 AS  
        Grade 11 BB  
        Grade 11 BS  
        Grade 11 CB  
        Grade 11 CS  
        Grade 12 AB  
        Grade 12 AS  
        Grade 12 BB  
        Grade 12 BS  






















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