Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

  • The First Academy is a dual curriculum school. Our students are taught the American Curriculum and the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education Curriculum for Arabic subjects.

    TFA ensures that all students, regardless of background and ability, are provided with work that engages, challenges, excites, and motivates, thereby ensuring achievement for all.

    We believe that by providing our students with the core subject knowledge and skills first and then providing exciting opportunities for them to apply their learning in a range of ways, we are able to cater to their distinct and unique learning needs in an integrated context.

    This knowledge and skills enhanced through a multitude of extracurricular opportunities that inspire such as field trips, competitions and international visits, voluntary and charitable work.





    American Curriculum:

    The American Curriculum’s design is based upon the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for the core subjects English and Math and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The remaining English subjects ICT, Art, Business, P.E., and Electives also follow education standards from the state of California.


    MOE Arabic Curriculum:

    The Arabic curriculum focuses on the student's skills of accurate Arabic Language through listening, speaking, and preparing the students for reading and writing. 

    In addition, the school develops religious consciousness through using qualified teachers fully aware of the developmental requirements at this stage.

    To achieve the school vision and educational goals, the school has adopted the 21st century skills taught through the curriculum.