The children enrolled in our Kindergarten program will have the privilege of learning through a unique combination of professionally developed curriculum and our exclusive enrichment programs. Our kindergarten students learn through various stimulating hands-on experiences, all designed to support their growth and development. Daily lessons and activities build upon the elements that suit the needs of each individual student. The following activities are all part of an exciting


Our kindergarten classrooms are the perfect balance of structure, play, and fun. Each classroom has been designed to offer a variety of stimulating activities. Activity centers such as Language and Literacy, Creative Art, Dramatic Play, Blocks, and Reading are a part of every Kindergarten classroom. These interest areas actively engage children in fun hands-on learning while promoting skills and cooperation between children. Our staff maintains an assessment portfolio for each child, which tracks developmental progress through daily activities, photos, art projects, and saved class assignments. Children's portfolios are used for parent-teacher conferences and are always available for parents to view.