School – Parents Communication


At The First Academy School, we take pride in delivering an outstanding education to every student, tailored to their individual learning needs. 

Through safe and secure Learning Management System Platform - Schoology –LMS Platform, It is a virtual learning environment for K-12 students that allows  students and their teachers to create, manage, and share academic knowledge and skills .

An excellent platform for blended learning or online learning. Our E-learning approach through Schoology Platform will inspire and challenge each student with innovative lessons, unique learning opportunities, and high-quality teaching

Each student will:

  • Connect and Participate in lessons in real-time with their teachers throughout a comprehensive integration with Zoom Application.
  • Receive and submit assignments.
  • Collaborate with their peers.
  • Develop essential skills independently.
  • Be recognized for their outstanding work

The First Academy School makes sure that each student receives the completed academic content while staying healthy and safe at home.

Parents Evening

The meeting of the administrative and teaching staff with parents in the presence of students constitutes an important element for progress in the educational process and raising the scientific level of students in addition to contributing to the progress in the development of the school. Therefore, the school holds periodic meetings with parents in general and in particular.

School Magazine

The TFA school magazine is published regularly and all editions are available through the website.  A developing arm in our communication with parents, the school magazine includes articles from teachers and students, highlighting events and successes throughout the month. Also included are important updates on school policy and procedures as well as important upcoming dates.

Social Media

Social media are integral parts of daily life at TFA, and integrating the use of these into the classrooms is more natural than before, given how acclimated many students are to them.

TFA throw its social media offers much information, from sharing school announcements, activities and school life, and so much more.

Social media provides a smoother, more direct communication tool between students, teachers, and parents, who can check-in and ask or respond to questions.

It’s important to understand the impact of social media on education before using it, but we’re of the firm belief that it will help advance students in technology.