Moral Education

Moral education

Since the establishment of the First Academy, Moral Education concepts and core values have been incorporated in the school's vision, mission, core values, and programs to prepare students to be both lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow. Moral education is clearly drawn in our mission that stresses the total development of each child: spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. As such, we aim to provide a healthy, safe, caring, and supportive environment.

The UAE is committed to developing responsible, cultured, engaged adults ready for society. In reinforcing this commitment. Moral Education endorses an ethos of giving and volunteering that prepares responsible and resilient youth who will contribute to the advancement of society and the wider world. The program develops students' modern skills to compete and become productive members of the UAE community.


Moral Education promotes universally shared principles of good citizenship. In a rapidly evolving world, the program encourages students to develop into critical thinking, independent, curious, resilient, and self-sufficient individuals. Based on the established positive influence of cohesive parent-teacher partnership, teachers and educators will encourage parents to play an active role in their child's development.


For students across the UAE, Moral Education helps create a strong foundation of moral purpose, an ethical outlook, character development, and an understanding of the shared values of humanity. It will help prepare youth to compete in a rapidly changing environment and make meaningful contributions to society. The program also teaches students practical life skills that will encourage them to develop into well-adjusted adults.


Moral Education provides educators with a unique opportunity to impact the future of young generations through collaboration and dialogue with parents and the wider community. It also enables them to empower students to develop their individual characters, cherish their unique identity, and promote respect for cultural diversity. At the program's foundation are universal values such as respect, a love of learning, independence, and critical thinking. These values ensure the development of children into engaged, self-sufficient students.