The First Academy provides a broad Mathematics curriculum that teaches students how to solve a wide range of mathematical problems. Numeracy is stressed as being a skill that has both theoretical and practical relevance. Classes in Mathematics focus on using the US Common Core State Standards as the starting point. The Process Standards supplement the mathematics standards for Mathematics.

Our mission as a mathematics department is to implement the teaching philosophy of TFA and the curriculum standards as established by the national agenda. We proudly serve a community of learners developing within our students' active and creative minds.

From the standards, our curriculum is built to not only expose students to algebra, geometry, and calculus but also give them an in-depth study so that they can grow further after high school and prepare them for university-level mathematics. Each subject area is made up of strands that guide teaching and learning.

Mathematics Course Sequence:

Kindergarten to Grade 6: Mathematics

Grade 7 to Grade 9: Algebra 1 and Geometry

Grade 10 to Grade 11: Algebra 2 and Trigonometry

Grade 12: Calculus

High School Graduation requirement:

Four credits of Mathematics taken in grades 9-12 are required for graduation.