Physical Education


The Department of Physical Education follows the California State Common Core Standards and is guided by the culture and traditions of UAE society.  Our department not only imparts the skills and techniques of sports but helps our students to strengthen their physical development and fitness.

Our vision is provide the opportunity for all students to participate in their favourite sport either recreationally or competitively and to provide a positive challenge that scales with their age and ability.

We offer a wide variety of sport related programs on and off campus to develop the interests and fit the needs of our students.  K-12 students engage in twice weekly sports lessons on campus that feature group and individual games as well as health-related counselling and advice on correct diet, healthy living, handling sports injuries, and much more. In addition, we provide leisure activities outside of the school such as sports contests, tournaments, and camping.

We take pride in the variety of activities we offer and the thorough physical education our students receive.  Our students, led by our Physical Education teachers, make great progress every term in both indoor and outdoor competitions.